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APA Style Guide, 7th Edition: Websites

The most current edition of APA style guide

Formatting your References

Once you type your references on the reference page, you will need to put in a hanging indent and double-space the entire reference list. In Microsoft Word, highlight the references from A to Z, then find the paragraph function in the Word ribbon. Select Hanging under Indentation and Double under spacing. See the Formatting your References tab for instructions on doing this on a Mac or in Google Docs.


Abbas, D. D. F. (2020). Manipulating of audio-visual aids in the educational processes in Al-Hilla University College. International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, 24(3), 1248-1263.

The citation above may not indicate a hanging indent depending on the device you are using to view it.  The second and all subsequent lines of APA formatted references use a hanging indent.

Material Type           In-text Citation              Reference                                                        

When citing websites; cite books, journals, magazines, and newspapers the same as you would a print source, then add a retrieval statement. The retrieval statement is the URL to the exact location where you found the material online. Do not end the reference with a period as readers may think it is a portion of the URL. The APA Style Blog specifies that URLs within the reference list can be "live."

General Format:
Author’s Last Name, First Initial. Second Initial. (YEAR, Month Day). Title of webpage. URL

Organization Name. (YEAR, Month Day). Title of webpageURL

Online book

(Nevitte, 1996).

Nevitte, N. (1996). The decline of deference: Canadian value change in cross-national perspective.                                  

Online newspaper article

(Bolivar, 2011).

Bolivar, L. (2011, January 13). Treasure coast bird count shows decline of species unable to adapt to urbanization. TC Palm.

Online journal article (MacLeod, 2009).

MacLeod, A. J. (2009). On integer relations between the area and perimeter of Heron triangles. Forum Geometricorum, 9, 41-46.

Blog posting (Christina, 2011). Christina. (2011, January 12). {New year} projects to keep me on my toes! [Web Blog post].