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APA Style Guide, 7th Edition: Book with No Author

The most current edition of APA style guide

Formatting Your References

Once you type your references on the reference page, you will need to put in a hanging indent and double-space the entire reference list. In Microsoft Word, highlight the references from A to Z, then find the paragraph function in the Word ribbon. Select Hanging under Indentation and Double under spacing. See the Formatting your References tab for instructions on doing this on a Mac or in Google Docs.


Abbas, D. D. F. (2020). Manipulating of audio-visual aids in the educational processes in Al-Hilla University College. International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, 24(3), 1248-1263.

The citation above may not indicate a hanging indent depending on the device you are using to view it.  The second and all subsequent lines of APA formatted references use a hanging indent.


Material Type           In-text Citation              Reference                                                        
Book with no author, no editor

("The Theory of Care," 1978).

Titles of an article, chapter, or web page should be placed in double quotation marks. Titles of a periodical, book, report, or brochure should be italicized.

The theory of care. (1978). Hazards of primary care in aging populations (2nd ed.). J.B. Lippincott.  

Place the title of the chapter or dictionary/encyclopedia entry in the author spot when there is no author.                                                   

Book with editor(s) and no author (referencing the entire book) (Leonard & Crawford, 2002)                                       

Leonard W. R. & Crawford M. H. (Eds.). (2002). Human biology of pastoral populations. Cambridge University Press.

Book with an editor(s) and no author (referencing a portion of the book) ("Relativity," 2005). Relativity. (2005). In B. Schulyer (Ed.), Psychological terms and meanings (2nd ed., Vol. 35, pp. 235-238). Bookies.
Book with Anonymous listed as the author (Anonymous, 2005). Anonymous. (2005). Go ask Alice. Simon Pulse.