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A guide to library resources

Benefits of OneSearch

As a Taft College student, you have easy access to all of these great OneSearch resources from anywhere with internet access. When using OneSearch from off-campus, you’ll be asked to login with your Student ID and password before you can access eBooks or full-text articles.  Sign in to OneSearch from the yellow bar at the top of your results page.



Once signed in, you can save records and searches to your favorites by clicking on the push pin icon

You can also check your library account for due dates, fines, or fees









OneSearch brings together most of the databases provided by Taft College Library so you’ve got a world of great information at your fingertips. Use OneSearch, and save search time by skimming and accessing lots of material at once. And remember, if you need help searching, ask a librarian!

Searching in OneSearch works differently than Googling. Here are some things to know in order to find what you need in OneSearch:

  • Use Keywords: You’ll get better results by only putting the most important words that relate to your topic in the search box; we call these keywords.
    • Don’t search an entire sentence or type in a question.
    • Start your search with just 1-3 keywords and then adjust as needed.
  • Spelling Counts: OneSearch isn't as good as Google at correcting your spelling. If you’re using keywords and you get zero or very few results, check your spelling to make sure you got it right.

Identifying keywords

Keywords are the words you type into a search box to search for information on your topic. The words you use to describe your topic may be different from the words used in the library catalog and databases.  For example, people recognize that WWII is commonly known as World War II, but in the catalog and databases the actual subject heading is World War (1939-1945).  Once you discover the subject heading, use that term to locate more resources on that specific topic. 

Combine keywords and subject headings to narrow your topic.  If you do a search in the library catalog for World War II AND Women, you will get results that include both of those terms. This will help you narrow your search.

Search box World War II AND Women