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How Do I . . .?: Make Sure My Professor Can Email Me?

Step by step instructions for library services

How To Set My Email To Preferred

Step 1. Sign into Cougar Tracks


enter your student ID (A #) in the user id box. your Pin # is your birthdate (month, day, 2 digit year). then click on login.


Step 2. Click on Personal Information


click on personal information image


  Step 3. Click on Update Email Address     


        click on update email address image

Step 4. Use the Dropdown Menu

click on the type of email drop down box. and select email address.


Step 5. Select Personal Email


select personal email image

Step 6. Type in Your Personal Email Address


type in your personal email address in the e-mail box.

Step 7. Click the Preferred Email Box and Click Submit


check the make this your preferred address box, then click the submit button.

Step 8. Personal Email is now the Preferred Email Address


personal email in now the preferred email address image