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Library Research - The Process: Develop a Research Strategy

Interactive Tutorial

"Developing Your Research Strategy" created by Central Carolina Community College Library and modified by Randolph Community College Library is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).


Boolean Search Techniques

Boolean Search TechniquesBoolean Operators (also referred to as logical operators or connectors) are words used to connect your search terms. Use these search techniques to either narrow or expand your search in a database.

AND: The operator AND will retrieve search results that contain all of the search terms used.  Use AND to narrow your search by retrieving more specific results.

OR: The operator OR will retrieve search results that contain any of the search terms used. Use OR to expand your search by broadening the range of resources. OR is most useful when using synonyms as search terms.

NOT: The operator NOT will eliminate search results that contain a search term. Use NOT to narrow your results by excluding resources with a particular search term.


Boolean Searching Tutorial

Database searching is a skill that improves with practice. If you're new to database searching, please watch the video below and consult the research guide, Boolean Searching.

Advanced Boolean Searching Tutorial