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APA Style Guide, 6th Edition: Book with Personal Author(s)

A style guide for APA

Book with Personal Author(s)

Material Type           In-text Citation              Reference                                                        
Book with 1 author         (MacDonald, 2007).

MacDonald, R.G. (2007). Biochemistry. New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

Book with 2 authors       (McKee & McKee, 2009).                                       

McKee, T. & McKee, J.R. (2009). Business ethics: The moral basis of commerce (4th ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Book with 3-5 authors

First citation:
(James, Cameron, Smith, Hawthorne, Cushing, 2005).

Subsequent citations:
(James et al., 2005).

James, C., Cameron, P. D., Smith, Y. N., Hawthorne, H., & Cushing, S., M. (2005). The sociological theory of people and places. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.
Book with 6 or more authors               (Bowsher et al., 2008).

Bowsher, C., Steer, M., Tobin, A, Cornelius, D. P., Rayburn, M., & Mantauk, B. B. (2008). Plant biochemistry. New York, NY: Garland Science.


Book with 8 or more authors (Ford et al., 2009). Ford, M. N., Fielding, D., Reed, P. L., Harmon, M., Ulrich, B. T., Wheeler, K...Peel, J. (2009). Who constructs the mind? Deland, FL: Coleman Books.
Electronic book (Internet, available to everyone) (Gossett, 1963)

Gossett, T.F. (1963). Race: The history of an idea in America. Retrieved from

Electronic book (Login required) (Sanchez, Kopp, & Sanzari, 2010)

Sanchez, N., Kopp, C., & Sanzari, F. (2010). Destined for failure: American prosperity in the age of bailouts [NetLibrary version]. Retrieved from

Electronic book (Read on an eReader device i.e. Nook, Kindle, etc.) (Austen, 2006). Austen, J. (2006). Sense and sensibility [Kindle Reader version]. Retrieved from