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HIST 2231 - T. Mendoza: Finding Articles

Finding Articles in Databases

Search for articles from periodicals (magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals) in the following databases. From off campus, you will be prompted to log in with your Cougar Tracks username and password.

Check out this brief tutorial, What is a Database and how do I use it? before you start your search.

Once you have your keywords and know your topic, try the following databases which include scholarly sources (as well as other types of sources). To save time, you can search all of the EBSCOhost databases at once. On the homepage, click on the A to Z Databases  box just under the OneSearch box, then select ALL EBSCOhost Databases from the list (4th one down), then select each of the following from the list: Academic Search Complete, America: History and Life with Full Text, History Reference Center, and Military and Government from the EBSCOhost list. Use your keywords in the boxes to narrow your search.

JSTOR is an archival database and you search it by keyword. It is not part of the EBSCOhost group.