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DNTL 2244 C. Adriano: Home

A library guide for resources relevant to Community Oral Health II.


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Your Assignment

Written Report


Step 1: Choose a topic.  Choose a topic of interest to you, develop a research question, analyze the current available research, and draw a conclusion based on your findings.

Step 2: Conduct preliminary research. Before you write your question, do preliminary research of relevant academic sources to ensure there is enough literature available on your topic to develop an answerable research question.

Step 3: Narrow Down Your Topic. In most cases you will need to narrow down your focus to a specific issue or debate within the broader topic. There are several ways that you might go about narrowing down your topic:
• What subtopics relate to the broader topic?
• What questions did your preliminary research raise?
• What do you find interesting about the topic?

Step 4: Develop a Research Question.  A good research question will not be too broad, or too narrow, and must be answerable.

Step 5: Develop Your Hypothesis.  What is your educated guess to your research question?

In your report, critically evaluate evidence for its validity and usefulness and apply the results to your clinical practice.  A significant part of the paper should be your interpretation of the information and how your knowledge about the subject has been enriched.

Your paper should meet the following principle requirements:

  • 5 page minimum length submitted via Canvas
  • APA format
  • Minimum 5 sources from reputable sources, with at least 2 from scholarly journals
  • Your paper should contain these sections:
    • Introduction
    • Body of paper
    • Conclusion

Getting started

The information on the following tabs of this guide will help you identify keywords for your topic, find and evaluate different types of sources, and cite your sources.

For additional help using library resources, explore the library's Library Research Skills guide

For writing help, see the Taft College Learning Center for information about getting help from a writing tutor.