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PSYC 2080 - R. Colaw: Erikson's Theory

A library guide for PSYC 2080 with R. Colaw.


Foundations of Self-Concept

Emergence of Self-Esteem

Emotional Development

Understanding Emotion

Emotional Self-Regulation

Self-Conscious Emotions

Empathy and Sympathy

Peer Relations

Advances in Peer Sociability

First Friendships

Peer relations and School Readiness

Parental Influences on Early Peer Relations

Foundations of Morality

The Psychoanalytic Perspective

Social Learning Theory

The Cognitive-Developmental Perspective

The Other Side of Morality: Development of Aggression

Gender Typing

Gender-Stereotyped Beliefs and Behaviors

Biological Influences on Gender Typing

Environmental Influences on Gender Typing

Gender Identity

Reducing Gender Stereotyping in Young Children

Child Rearing and Emotional and Social Development

Styles of Child Rearing

What Makes Authoritative Child Rearing Effective?

Cultural Variations

Child Maltreatment