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How Do I . . .?: Login to My Library Account?

Step by step instructions for library services

Library Account

My Library Account

Your library account is associated with your Student ID Card and allows you to perform activities on the Taft College Library’s Website, such as reserving a book, manage your requested items, search databases, or pull up the electronic full text of a journal article.

Search results and item details often link into these online services at the library, but only your library account will give you full access to them.


Login Instructions

The first time you login to your library account, you will need to set a password.

  1. Go to the Taft College Library online catalog. At the top of the left-hand corner click on Sign in.



       2. Sign in using your A# for your USERNAME and the first letter of your first name capitalized, the first letter of your last name lowercase and the last 6 digits of your A#. 

As seen in the picture below.