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PSYC 1500 - R. Polski: Personality Types

This guide will help you locate, retrieve, and use library resources for your research project.

Personality Types

Personality Types: positive and negative personality traits are associated with two personality types that relate to how people deal with stress and the influence of certain personality characteristics on coronary heart disease.

Type A are workaholics, competitive, ambitious, hate to waste time and re easily annoyed.

Type B are easygoing, slow to anger, relaxed and at peace.

Type C have a higher incidence of cancer. They tend to be peace-keepers, have difficulty expressing emotions, and internalize their anger.

The Hardy Personality (Type H) are committed to their values, feel in control of their lives, see problems as challenges.

Books in the Library

Book suggestions in the Library

Below are suggested books from the library that focus on Personality Types that may be useful for your research project.