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PSYC 1500 - R. Polski: Modern Trait Theories

This guide will help you locate, retrieve, and use library resources for your research project.

Trait Theories

Gordon Allport: Identified personality traits and believed these traits were innate.

Raymond Cattell: Defined two types of traits, surface traits and source traits. He identified 16 source traits.

The Five-Factor Model (Big Five)

Openness: A person's willingness to try new things and be open to new experiences

Conscientiousness: A person's organization and motivation, e. g. being on time, careful with belongings.

Extraversion: two personality types: extraverts and introverts

Agreeableness: emotional style of a person

Neuroticism: emotional instability or stability


Book suggestions in the Library

Below are suggested books from the library that focus on Trait Theory that may be useful for your research project.