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PSYC 1500 - R. Polski: Home

This guide will help you locate, retrieve, and use library resources for your research project.
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The information on the following tabs of this guide will help you identify keywords for your topic, find and evaluate different types of sources, and cite your sources.

For additional help using library resources, explore the library's Library Research Skills guide

For writing help, see the Taft College Learning Center for information about getting help from a writing tutor.


Thought Piece Research Assignment

This writing assignment encourages you to think about the material in this course while connecting it to your own life. The thought piece (research paper) will focus on personality development. Include your personality test results and reflections after completing the e-colors personality test. Within your paper, please include the following areas, in this order (The examples below are the exact headings that should be included in your paper in the order listed).

*Personality Development- (This is the heading for your introductory paragraph. Your
introductory paragraph should include an introduction and overview of personality development. As indicated in the example paper, your introductory paragraph should include exactly what your paper plans to cover).
*Historical Background (Theoretical background and research. Include in-text citations).
*Personality Influences (Your personal personality influences).
*Expert Opinions (Research expert opinions regarding personality development theory.
Include in-text citations).
*E-colors Personality Results (Include an overview of your e-colors personality test results).
*Discussion (Provide an overview of your findings and discoveries regarding your research).

Research Paper Formatting Basics

  • The paper needs four (4) sources. One source may be your textbook
  • Your paper should be a least five (5) separate pages, plus a title page and the reference page, for a total of seven (7) pages

Format the document to APA 7th ed., guidelines including:

  • Title page
  • Reference page
  • Headings (see above for exact headings)
  • Typed, Times New Roman, size 12 font
  • In-text citations for all sources used
  • Reference page (MLA calls this Works Cited, APA calls this References)
  • NO footnotes are needed

See the APA 7th ed., tab of this guide for examples of headings, in-text citations, and reference page formatting. For additional examples please see the Purdue OWL APA style guide