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PSYC 2205 - M. Oja: Whole Class Project

Library guide for PSYC 2205

Whole Class Project

This Library Guide will help you to use Taft College Library databases to find scholarly, scientific articles about the research project that the class is conducting together, as well as help you use APA 7th ed. format for the in-text and reference entry citations.

Assignment Details


Use Taft College Library databases to locate three (3) scholarly, scientific articles related to sleep and memory.

Use the APA, 7th ed. tab for in-text citations and references.

Use the Literature Review tab for details on writing a literature review, including purpose and scope.

Use the Find Articles tab for instructions on selecting appropriate articles for the assignment.

Below is an outline of the class project. Research proposals in psychology include the following sections:

1. Introduction

a. Description explaining why the topic is important -- why did the class choose this topic?

b. Literature Review

i. Summary of the three (3) scholarly, scientific journal articles related to your topic found using Taft College Library databases to set the foundation of your proposed research study.
 ii. Introduce the results of the articles you selected in combination - compare & contrast
iii. Predict how the class's chosen IV will affect the class's chosen DV.

2. Methods

Describe the participants, measurements, and procedures that the class completed to collect data for our class project.

3. Results

With help from your professor, other statistics professors, or the Math Lab, you will interpret the statistical analyses to determine whether your research hypothesis was supported or not.

4. Conclusion

Write a conclusion to to the class project. The conclusion may include a summary of what was found, limitations of the current research study, recommendations for the field based on these expected findings, and what future research should be conducted to further the knowledge in the field of study.

5. References

Use APA, 7th ed.

6. Appendices

The final assignment will state what should be included as an appendix.  Use the resources provided on the Lib Guide Home and in the course’s APA Style Resource page in Canvas to format appendices page correctly.