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Library guide for PSYC 2205
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Research Skills Review

Has it been a minute since you last did a research project? Are you a little rusty on how to navigate the Library's catalog and databases? Here are some library guides that can help you brush up on your searching techniques:

Library Research Skills

Library Research: The Process

OneSearch Help (how to use the library catalog to locate sources)

Tutorials from the basics to advanced searching techniques.

For help with writing your research document, see the Taft College Learning Center for information regarding tutoring services.


This library guide will help you use Taft College library databases to find scholarly, scientific articles about a the research projects you will conduct in your PSYC 2205 Research Methods class. The guide will help you develop research topics and help you use APA 7th ed. formatting for the body, reference entries, and in-text citations. Please see below and the the APA, 7th ed. tab of this library guide for additional information on formatting your documents.

This Guide provides details on conducting two research projects:

  • Career Topic Research Proposal
  • Whole Class Project

The pages of this guide provide details on locating, retrieving, and using Taft College library resources to complete the projects.

Formatting: All assignments

Each assignment requires APA 7th ed. Style formatting that includes:

  • 1" margins on all sides
  • Double space entire document
  • Times New Roman, 12 point font - including headers, page number and title
  • No additional spaces after each paragraph
  • Cover page: Title (in bold), your PIN, and Taft College - centered in middle of page on 3 lines
  • Running head (header) includes the title of the paper in ALL caps, aligned to the left 1" margin
  • Page number in upper right corner of the header
  • Include titles and section headings in appropriate heading formats
  • In-text citations
  • References - begin on a new page
  • Use hanging indent for all citations
  • Appendix - begin on a new page after the Reference page

Additional Formatting Sources

Extra Credit Opportunity

Earn extra credit by enrolling in any of the seven free online Library Workshops. Receive a Certificate of Completion for scoring 75% or better on each one. Receive 50% of your score, e.g. you score 9 out of 12, you get 4.5 extra credit points.