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DS 1501 - A. Abbott: Articles

A guide to Disability Services 1501: Introduction to Disabilities

Finding articles in databases

Search for articles in periodicals (magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals) in the following databases. From off campus, you will be prompted to log in with your Cougar Track username and password. Use the keywords you developed when determining your topic and finding background information.

The following databases include scholarly sources, videos, and newspaper articles to assist you in locating sources for this project.

Use the keywords you developed from your earlier readings. When searching databases, use broad terms first, such as racism AND disability to get a large results list. Then, narrow your search to more specific keywords, such as African Americans OR Black People AND Communication AND disability. If you do not get many results, use synonyms for the primary keywords. Your keywords will be in bold in the title and the subject field of your results. If you struggle to locate sources, contact your librarian--she is here to help.


Refined search with additional keywords

You may also use articles from Disability Studies Quarterly

Disabilities Studies Quarterly logo