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A guide to Disability Services 1501: Introduction to Disabilities
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Getting Started

The information on the following tabs of this guide will help you choose a topic, identify keywords for your topic, find and evaluate different Types of Sources, and cite your sources using APA style.

For additional help using library resources, explore the library's OneSearch Help, Library Research Skills, and Evaluation of Sources guides.

For writing help, see the Taft College Learning Center for information about getting help from a writing tutor.

Research Paper

Choose one particular disability and write a research paper that addresses the history of the disability. The paper should be 3 pages long, plus a cover page and a Reference page in APA format.

Use subject encyclopedias to gain background information as well as historically significant events that describe the disability group. Include important people involved with the disability and their contribution to informing others of it. The paper should cover WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW concepts.