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A library guide for Art 1600 - Two-Dimensional Design

"Mindfulness" Bookmark by Mirelly Cuatianquiz CC BY-NC 11/2/2017

Fall 2017 Mindfulness Bookmark by Mirelly Cuatianquiz CC BY-NC 11/2/2017

"Mindfullness" Bookmark by Lorena Morales CC BY-SA 10/15/2019

Mindfulness Bookmark by Lorena Morales CC BY-SA Fall 2019

"Mindfulness" Bookmark by Delya Devine CC BY-SA Spring 2020

Mindfulness Bookmark by Delya Devine CC BY-SA Spring 2020

"Mindfulness" Bookmark by Jake Huckins CC BY-NC 4/8/2018

Mindfulness Bookmark by Jake Huchins CC BY-NC 4/18/2018

"Warm Summer Days" Mindfulness Bookmark by Consuelo Villafuerte CC BY 5/6/2019

"Mindfulness" Bookmark by Jacob Brown CC BY-SA Spring 2021

"Mindfulness Midterm" Bookmark by Hailey Riddle CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Fall 2021

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Mindfulness Bookmark

This assignment is two-fold: create a two dimensional design for ART 1600 and apply a Creative Commons license to it so that it can be remixed, tweaked, and built upon by the Taft College Library and turned into bookmarks. The theme of the assignment is "Mindfulness" and its final purpose is to be a bookmark that can be colored in as a joyful, creative release during the stressful final exam week at the end of the semester.

Create the Design

Develop a dynamic design that creates a mood or feeling of mindfulness employing the
techniques for creating two-dimensional art forms.

Fully engage the edges of each composition
Create an illusion of space by using different lines
Experiment with forms of balance
Explore ways of increasing visual impact

Final composition:

Black marker, 8”x 10” Bristol board & Paragraph with CCL (Upload both pieces)

• Use thumbnail sketches to rough draft a minimum of ten (10) sketches
• Sketches will be turned in with final design
• Decide on copyright and refer to Terri Smith’s rubric for her portion of the assignment.

Tips for Success:

  • Pay special attention to the edge of the composition. When a line or shape intersects this edge, the composition visually extends beyond the page and into the viewer’s world.
  • Overlap, variations in size, location and degrees of definition can be used to increase the illusion of space --- energy in the design.
  • Experiment with forms and degrees of balance. Symmetrical balance is often used when stability is needed, while asymmetrical balance is generally more dynamic.
  • Target Audience - who is going to see your design? Knowing who the visual message is going to address is key.

License the design

Identify the most appropriate Creative Commons License for this assignment. On a separate sheet of paper, type in MLA 9th edition format a paragraph of 4-6 sentences explaining your decision for choosing the license. Address the legal and ethical implications of the license you chose and why it is appropriate for this specific assignment. Include the benefits of the license for both creator and user. Attach the typed paragraph to the back of your work.


Understand the legal and ethical implications of a work of art from the perspective of a creator and a end-user

Use critical thinking skills to identify the most appropriate CC license to meet the assignment criteria

Follow an academic writing style


Use this library guide to understand Creative Commons