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A library research guide for microeconomics


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Your Assignment

Research Paper

  1. Think of a microeconomic problem that currently exists in your local community. Using that problem, form a paper topic that will explore alternative solutions to the problem.
  2. The paper is to propose solutions to a microeconomic problem, not simply explain what the problem is.
  3. The topic must be approved by the instructor.
  4. Upon approval of the topic, write a 3-5 research paper in APA format. The document must include:
    1. Title page
    2. Abstract
    3. Correct headings for each section of the paper
    4. Proper in-text citations in APA format
    5. A reference page with a minimum of 2 credible sources

Title of Your Paper: An overview of the problem your paper is researching. Make it clear why this is a problem that must be solved. This is the only section of your paper where it is appropriate to discuss the severity of the problem or the causes of the problem. 

Alternative Solutions: Present three alternative solutions to the problem that you have researched. Each solution should be presented in separate paragraphs with proper in-text citations. You may look for examples of solutions that are currently being proposed or you can look at other cities or areas that have faced similar problems and what they did to solve it. For each proposed solution, include a brief analysis if you think this would be a viable solution for your local problem.

Recommended Solution: Of the three alternative solutions that you researched, state which one that you recommend should be implemented. Explain why you feel that it is the best option and why you rejected the other two alternatives. You may also choose to go with a hybrid approach and combine two or three of the alternative solutions. In doing so you must still explain your reasoning for accepting or rejecting any of the alternatives. A final option for this section is to reject all of the alternatives and propose your own original solution. Explain why you think your solution is superior and your reasons rejecting each of the alternatives.

Measuring Effectiveness: For the solution you recommended explain how we can measure if it is working or not. Think of statistic can we look to that will be able to show a pre and post measurement of the problem your community is facing. You should be very clear as to what defines success and what would define failure for your proposed solution.

Conclusion: Explain how this project has given you as appreciation for using economic concepts, skills and ways of thinking to answer questions about the world that did not exist prior to the project.


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