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This guide provides library resources for research project in ASTR 1511

Library Research Assignment


The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the basics of library research, similar to that done by astronomers, and to familiarize you with the online resources of the Taft College Library.


Your assignment is to use the resources of the library to do the following:

1. Write four paragraphs on the following two topics: The Milky Way Galaxy and the Evolution of Galaxies.

2. Use two different types of resources to write two paragraphs (3 to 5 sentences each) from each resource on each topic. The paragraphs should be a paraphrased summary of what the information says, not a word-for-word copy of what was in the resource.

3. Online library resources:  Videos, Books, Journals, or Magazines, and websites.

4. Be sure to cite your resources: Use the online citation suggestions from the catalog or databases where the sources are located.