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ART 1625 - D. Rodenhauser: Academic Articles

A guide to library resources for ART 1625

Journal Articles

Using a combination of books and articles will provide you with a deeper understanding of the chosen color and how that color is viewed from different perspectives. The databases below have articles from experts who study the effects of color in different fields of art and science. When searching for articles, use specific keywords along with your main topic color, such as symbolism, culture, psychology, and influence to find articles that go into depth on the psychological, social, and cultural understandings of color.

For example, is you are interested in the relationship between the color yellow and its effect on emotions, you would use the keywords yellow (color) AND emotions.

Image of a color wheel with primary, secondary, and tertiary colors

Finding Articles in Databases

Search for academic articles from magazines and journals in the following databases. Please refer to What is a Database and How do I use it? for help searching the databases.

The following databases include scholarly sources (as well as other types of sources). To save time, you can search all of the EBSCOhost databases at once. On the homepage, click on the A-Z Databases link directly below the OneSearch box. Select ALL EBSCOhost Databases from the list (4th one down), then select each of the following from the list: Academic Search Complete, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, and PsycArticles.

Check out our brief tutorial on how to search in the Academic OneFile database. All databases offer citation guides, print or download options, and the ability to narrow results.

The following databases include scholarly sources (as well as other types of sources).