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ENGL 1600 - K. Kulzer-Reyes: Analysis paper #1: Candide

A library guide with resources for Critical Thinking, Literature, and Composition


Step 1:   Explanation of literary critique

Read Literary Criticism before you begin writing your paper

Step 2:   Write your paper

In this paper you will

  • synthesize secondary sources, literary criticisms or background materials, into a discussion of primary literary texts
  • Support interpretations of literary texts with detailed analysis of the text itself
  • Create and defend a thesis
  • Identify themes in literature and explore them in written analysis
  • Use secondary sources to support your ideas
  • Demonstrate understanding of appropriate academic discourse and the conventions of literary analysis

Step 3:  Paper characteristics

  • Write 4-6 pages
  • Develop critical thinking skills with literature
  • Use MLA Style, 8th edition
  • Include a minimum of three and a maximum of five logical fallacies in your examples and analysis.
    • each logical fallacy examples needs a page of explanation
  • Three outside academic sources, such as articles and chapters of books from the Literature Resource Center database and the Taft College library book collection, and the novella you are reading.

Library Resources: Databases and electronic books


The two databases below will have literary criticisms in article and book formats.

The eBooks offer chapters on Voltaire and Candide.