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ENGL 1500 - K. Kulzer-Reyes: Home

A library guide for research assistance for Professor Kelly Kulzer-Reyes' English 1500 classes.
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The information on the following tabs of this guide will help you identify keywords for your topic, find and evaluate different types of sources, and cite your sources.

For additional help using library resources, explore the library's Library Research Skills guide

For writing help, see the Taft College Learning Center for information about getting help from a writing tutor.

Research Paper

The research paper topic will be inspired by a topic you find interesting from My Heart Can’t Even Believe It (Silverman) and/or Sitting Pretty: The View from My Ordinary, Resilient, Disabled Body (Taussig). There is a list of possible topics in the “Topics” tab in this Library Guide.

Here is a list of the writing assignments that will lead to your final paper:

  • Introduction Section
  • Background Section
  • Historical Context Section
  • Findings Section
  • Conclusion Section

Paper Requirements

Length - 6-8 pages of original writing (The Works Cited page is not included in these pages)

Sources - 5 minimum from the TC library. Most good papers include more than five library sources.

Additional valid and reliable sources may be used from the TC library and elsewhere. All sources in the Works Cited page should be referenced within your paper using parenthetical citations. Double-check this by using your Works Cited page as a checklist and ensure references to all your sources before submitting.

  • MLA Citations and Formatting - 9th edition. (There is a sample paper link above.)
  • Content - You will build your audience's background knowledge with your expert use of outside sources and your well-integrated and developed ideas about the topic. (Use the headings and subheadings styles rules from Purdue's OWL MLA Sample Paper).
  • Analysis and critical thinking about the content you share
  • Organization - logical progression of ideas
  • Grammar - Academic language and structure consistent throughout research paper.