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How Do I . . .?: Make a Request for Curbside Pick-up?

Step by step instructions for library services


Cartoon drawing of a laptop.


Make a Request for Curbside Pick-up

The Taft College Library is offering Curbside Pick-up Services


Students can now log into their Library Accounts in order to make requests for Curbside Pick-up. Requests can be made for Laptops, Hotspots, TI-84 Plus CE Calculators, Print/Physical books only and ENGR 1500 Kits.


Instructions for Curbside Pick-up

  • Curbside Pick-up Services are available Monday-Wednesday from 8AM-4:30PM.
  • Requests made before 12PM will be available for same day pick-up after 1PM.
  • If a request is made after 12PM the item will be available for pick-up the following business day.
  • Items will be held for 2 business days, after which items that have not been claimed will be returned to the shelf.
  • You may check out only 1 Hotspot for the whole of the semester.
  • You may check out only 1 TI-84 Calculator for the whole of the semester.
  • Only 3 requests can be made for Print/Physical books at a time.
  • You may check out only 1 ENGR 1500 Kit for the whole of the semester.
  • You may check out only 1 Laptop for the whole of the semester.
  • Once your request has been fulfilled you will receive a confirmation email (Please check your Junk Mail/Spam Folder).
  • When picking up your items:
    • Please wear a mask 
    • Come to the Library's Lobby
    • Have your Student ID
    • Ring the bell for service. The bell will be located on a table in front of the Library's gates.
  • When picking up a Laptop or Hotspot, you will be required to sign an Equipment Loan Agreement.

If you have any questions please call us at (661) 763-7707 or Email: Ask the Library.


Please review the tutorial on Making a Request for Curbside Pick-up.

Examples of:

  • Laptop requests begins on slide 3.
  • Hotspot requests begins on slide 9.
  • Calculator requests begins on slide 16.
  • Print/Physical Books requests begins on slide 23.
  • ENGR 1500 Kit requests begins on slide 31.



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