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Student Worker Guide: Locating an Item

A Patron wants an Item

If a student or staff member comes up to the Circulation Desk and asks for an item, check to see if it is available.  You can perform a search either in WMS or using the Library's website catalog search.

Below are the steps for both methods.


Occasionally a person will come up to the Circulation Desk to request an item that appears to be available, but can't be located on the shelf. If this happens the item is considered missing, but there are a few steps we can take to ensure it is in fact missing.

When all else fails and the book cannot be located refer the student or staff member to Mary to request an ILL or interlibrary loan. If Mary is unavailable make sure to take down:

  • Name

  • A#

  • Phone # or email address

  • Title of the book etc.

Inform the student or staff member that a member of the library staff will contact them within 1 business day about setting up an ILL.

Sometimes a student or staff member will request an item that has been marked "Processing" in the library catalog. Here are the steps to take if you encounter that situation.


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