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ENGL 1500 B. Devine - James Joyce: Topics & Background Info

This guide provides search strategies and recommended resources for research in B. Devine's ENGL 1500 James Joyce class.

Finding background information

Library reference sources are a great place to find objective background information on your topic. They can also help you narrow your topic and discover keywords for further searching.


Choose to focus on one or more of these topics found in the Dubliners

  • narcissistic behavior
  • social propriety
  • bourgeois
  • stages of life (birth, death, rites of passage)
  • poverty and class differences
  • colonization & Irish politics
  • defeat, powerlessness, imprisonment, paralysis
  • isolation
  • morality
  • sexual desires

Library Resources: Print & Electronic books

Below are library resources that will provide you with background information as well as give you some insight to the broad topics Joyce addresses in his stories.