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eBooks: How to read eBooks

A how to guide for using eBooks

About eBooks

You can access electronic books (eBooks) while on campus or from your personal device as long as you have an internet connection.

Reading eBooks

From the library catalog's results page, you will see the books available on your topic of choice. If the book you are interested in reading is an eBook, the record will have an eBook icon and a View eBook button.

To read more about the book, click on the title of the book.  To begin reading the book immediately, click on the View eBook button.

The eBook will open to landing screen. Click the PDF Full Text link to begin reading the eBook. Scroll down to see the sections of the eBook, including introductions, chapters, and index. Click the link to read a specific section.

Use the Search Within function to locate specific terms within the eBook. Type the terms in the box and hit enter. The title of the chapter and the page number with the search term will show in the left column. To see the terms used in a sentence, click Relevancy. Click on the terms in the left column to go to that page.