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Banned Books Trivia: Home

Reason for Banning


The two boys kissing are Craig and Harry. They are not a couple, but they used to be. Peter and Neil are a couple. Their kisses are different. Avery and Ryan have only just met and are trying to figure out what happens next. Cooper is alone and trying to make sense out of his feelings. These boys form a tapestry that will reveal love of all kinds: open and eager, tentative and cautious, pained and scared. Winner of the Stonewall Honor Books award and the Best Fiction for Young Adults, Two Boys Kissing by   David Levithan was challenged or banned because the cover has an image of two boys kissing and because it   includes sexually explicit LGBT content.




  1. Answer the question correctly.
  2. Place your name and phone number on the answer sheet.
  3. Email your answer with contact information to
  •  All correct answers will be entered into a drawing for a prize.
  • Drawings will be held the following day when the library opens at 7:45 a.m.
  • There will be a new question each day of Banned Books Week. 
  • So come to the library every day and use your research skills to answer each question. 
  • You may answer each question only once. Good Luck!!!

Trivia Quesiton


Banned Books Week Question #5:



 In the book Two Boys Kissing why are Harry and Craig kissing?


A. Craig’s sister dared them to kiss.

B. They are trying to break a world record.

C. To make Mrs. Kim jealous.




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